Botanic Shampoo Natural Herb


Botanic Natural Herb Shampoo is a product that cleanses the hair and is gentle on the scalp.

Botanic Natural Herb Shampoo 是一款能清洁头发也对头皮温和的产品。


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Here are the 6 protections of Botanic Shampoo Natural Herb:
  • Hair fall control – Reduce hair breakage and hair fall
  • Daily moisture – Renew daily moisture to reduce scalp dryness causing dandruff
  • Silky smooth – Restore natural moisture balance & tangle-free hair
  • Nature care fullness & life – Enhance your hair look & feel
  • Total Damage Care – Lock hydration of hair and prevent harsh chemical damages
  • Color & perm protection – Prevent hair dryness & chemical damages from color


Direction:  Apply the shampoo on wet hair, gently massage all over the hair and scalp. Then rinse with clean water. For better results, use Botanic Conditioner Natural Herb after shampoo. This product is suitable for daily use.

以下是  Botanic Shampoo Natural Herb 的 6 项保护功能:
  • 抑制脱发 – 减少头发断裂和脱落
  • 每日补充水分 – 减少由头皮干燥而引起的头皮屑
  • 柔软丝滑 – 恢复自然的水分平衡,使头发不缠结
  • 自然护理丰盈饱满 – 提升秀发质感和强韧度
  • 全面护理 – 锁住头发水分,防止化学物质的伤害
  • 颜色和烫发保护 – 预防头发干燥和化学染发的损伤
使用方法: 将洗发水涂抹在湿发上,轻轻按摩整个头发和头皮。 然后用清水冲洗干净。 为获得更好的效果,能在洗发后使用 Botanic Conditioner Natural Herb。此产品适合日常使用。

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