Claire Elastin Foam


Claire Elastin Foam is an innovation for facial cleansing.  The fine bubble foam help to reduce the friction when touches on the face and also it can pull the dirt out from the face. Elastin foam helps to protect elastin under the skin. Elastin is the important component that makes the skin to be strong, flexible, and firm.

Claire Elastin Foam 是一项创新的面部清洁产品。 细腻的泡沫泡沫有助于减少接触脸部时的摩擦,还能清除污垢。 弹性蛋白泡沫有助于保护皮肤下的弹性蛋白。 弹性蛋白是使皮肤变得强壮、灵活和紧致的重要成分。

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  • To maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin
  • Gentle exfoliate, naturally whitening skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Enhance the production of collagen and elastin
  • Remove impurities on the skin and prevent the formation of melanin that causes dull skin
  • Nourish the skin and moisturize continuously


Active Ingredients: Natto Gum Extract, Salmon Ovary Peptide (SOP), Superox-C, Stemcell-Edelweiss, Makolri Extract, Bonsurf CB Olive


Direction: Dampen your skin with warm water, work the Elastin Foam into a thick lather. Apply to face by massaging motion, avoiding direct contact with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Use morning and night.

  • 保持皮肤油水平衡
  • 温和去角质,自然美白肌肤,减少皱纹
  • 提升胶原蛋白和弹性蛋白的产生
  • 去除皮肤上的杂质,防止造成皮肤暗沉的黑色素形成
  • 保持肌肤持续滋润
活性成分: 纳豆胶提取物, 鲑鱼卵巢肽 (SOP), Superox-C, 干细胞-雪绒花 (Stemcell-Edelweiss), Makolri Extract, Bonsurf CB Olive
使用方法 : 用温水润湿皮肤,将弹性蛋白泡沫洗脸霜打成浓稠的泡沫,以按摩动作涂抹于面部,避免直接接触眼睛。用温水彻底冲洗。适合早晚使用。

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