Concentrate Dish Cleaner


Concentrated Dish Cleaner consists of 4 cleaning agents which help to get rid of grease and deep stains. It can clean the dirt on the surface of fruits and vegetables. It is extracted from palm, coconut, corn, and aloe vera which is gentle for your hands. This product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

浓缩餐具清洁剂比起其他清洁剂可以洗净更多的餐具。它由4种类型的清洁剂组成,可帮助彻底清洁餐具中的油污和污垢。 它还能够洗净蔬菜和水果表面的污垢。 含从天然植物(例如棕榈,椰子和玉米)中提取的清洁剂。 它也含芦荟提取物组成,能安全使用且可生物降解。

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  • Concentrated Dish Washing Liquid is made of mild surfactants and extracted from Aloe Vera to protect both your skin. It is environmentally friendly.
  • Effectively and easily get rid of grease and even dirty things that dried on the clothes.
  • Liquid Dish Washer is a highly concentrated and powerful dishwashing liquid for effective cleaning.
  • Made from naturally derived sources, the Liquid Dish Washer is safe, provides long-lasting cleaning action, and controls odor.
  • It contains softening and soothing aloe vera extracts, which can protect your hands.
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Salt
It is cleaner with the efficiency of oil elimination without release any pollution because the product is biodegradable.
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
This surfactant helps to improve the efficiency of cleaning. The blowing agent of cleaning will not destroy the environment because it is biodegradable.
Methyl Esters Sulphonated
It is extracted from the palm which helps to reduce Anionic Surfactant to makes being efficient in cleaning.
The extractions of coconut and corn help to reduce nonionic surfactants with water-solubility properties and gentleness. Therefore, it is suitable to use for washing milk bottles and dish cleaners. It is free from contamination and gentle for the skin, so your hands won’t be dry after using this product.
Aloe Vera Extract
The extraction of Aloe Vera is classified as herb saving which is a moisturizer that helps to keep hydration in skin cells. It will protect the skin from irritation and moisten skin.

Direction: Mix this product with water for cleaning containers. To clean vegetables and fruits, mix half of the lid of this dish cleaner in 1.5-2 liters of water and soak vegetables and fruits for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with clean water for serving.

  • Liquid Dish Washer 浓缩餐具清洁剂采用温和的表面活性剂以及芦荟精华制作而成,呵护肌肤且保护环境。
  • 强效也轻松地去除油渍,甚至是干结污渍。
  • Liquid Dish Washer 浓缩餐具清洁剂高度浓缩且强效清洁,能够有效清除污渍。
  • 这款洗碗液成分天然,安全不伤手且洁净效果持久,能有效控制异味。
  • 产品采用柔化且具舒缓作用的芦荟、质地温和,不会伤害肌肤。
Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Salt
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
Methyl Esters Sulphonated
椰子和玉米提取物有助于降低非离子表面活性剂的水溶性和柔和度,因此适合用于清洗儿童奶瓶和碗碟,同时对儿童安全。 由于它对皮肤温和,使用后也不会让双手干燥。
使用方法:  将此产品与水混合以清洗容器。清洗蔬菜和水果时,将浓缩餐具清洁剂盖子的一半放入 1.5-2 升水中,浸泡蔬菜和水果 3-5 分钟,然后用清水冲洗即可。

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