Hy Pro Next (Chocolate flavour)


Hy Pro Next is a good source of protein, has a high nutritional value, and can be assimilated into the body easily. Furthermore, it is low in calories and does not contain cholesterol.


Hy Pro Next 是一种很好的蛋白质来源,具有很高的营养价值,并且很容易被人体吸收。 此外,它热量低不含胆固醇。

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Hy Pro Next contains 4 kinds of plant proteins, which within an hour it can be quickly be absorbed. It also contains easily digestible plant protein, amino acids, and nutrients (essential for good health). It is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant and cannot consume dairy products. Hy Pro Next contains prebiotics and a lot of fiber, which helps to improve the digestive system. It also contains a lot of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), which strengthen muscle mass.


1. It contains 4 types of Plant Proteins, which can absorb into the body within an hour.
2. It contains Plant Proteins (easily digested). Amino acids and nutrients are necessary for good health.
3. It is suitable for those who are lactose-intolerant and cannot consume dairy products.
4. It contains Prebiotics and a high amount of fiber, thus helping improve the digestive system.
5. It has a high amount of BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) and aids in building muscle mass.
6. High calcium contains vitamin D, magnesium that helps the absorption of calcium
7. Consisting of high vitamin C and vitamin B1, that helps the immune system, brain, nervous system.
Hy Pro Next含有4种植物蛋白,可在一小时内迅速被人体吸收。它也含有易于消化的植物蛋白,并含有氨基酸和营养素(对身体健康必不可少)。它适用于乳糖不耐症和不能食用乳制品的人。Hy Pro Next 含有益生元和大量纤维,从而有助于改善消化系统,也含有大量 BCAA(支链氨基酸),有助于增强肌肉质量。这是解决中年危机的简单方法。
1. 含有4种植物蛋白,可在一小时内被人体吸收。
2. 含有植物蛋白(易消化)。 身体健康所必需的氨基酸和营养素。
3. 适合乳糖不耐症及不能食用乳制品者。
4. 含有益生元和大量纤维,有助于改善消化系统。
5. 它含有大量 BCAA(支链氨基酸),有助于增强肌肉质量。
7. 由高维生素C和维生素B1组成,有助于免疫系统、大脑、神经系统

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