S Vera Aloe Vera Gel


S Vera Gel is a multi-purpose gel that is suitable for various skin conditions.
S Vera Gel 是一种多用途凝胶,适用于各种皮肤性质。
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  • Reduce hyperpigmentation of the wound caused by acne and fade away the scars
  • Protects the skin from being damaged in any causes that affect the skin
  • Lock the moisture in the skin, soften skin and prevent dehydration
  • Gradually reduce the trenches of the skin, make firm skin
  • A good antioxidant that fights against free radicals which will harm the skin
  • Eliminates free radicals, UVA & UVB which will cause wrinkles and dull skin
  • Protect your skin from UV
  • Nurture and suitable for all skin types


Ingredients: Phytocytol BLM, Phyto Hyaluronic Acid WSK obtained from Silver Ear Mushroom, Co-Enzyme Q10, Aloe Vera


Direction: Lightly apply on your body and facial skin after showering or cleaning your face before going to bed and exposing to sunlight or after exposing to sunlight.

  • 减少痤疮引起的伤口色素沉着,淡化疤痕
  • 保护皮肤免受任何对皮肤造成的伤害
  • 具有保湿的功效,使皮肤柔软湿润及防止脱水
  • 逐渐减少皮肤沟槽,使皮肤紧实
  • 一种很好的抗氧化剂,对抗伤害皮肤的自由基
  • 减少因UVA和UVB引起的皱纹和暗哑皮肤的自由基
  • 避免受紫外线伤害 ▪ 适合所有皮肤类型的肌肤
主要成分:植物细胞因子BLM, 透明质酸 WSK, 辅酶Q10, 芦荟

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