Neatly Home Fabric Detergent


The pH-balanced ingredients could help to clean your clothes without destroying any fabric fiber. It consists of Acrylate Polymer that helps to prevent dirt and provides colorful clothes with a brightening agent.

pH 值平衡的成分可以帮助清洁您的衣服,而不会破坏任何织物纤维。 它由丙烯酸酯聚合物组成,有助于防止污垢并为色彩鲜艳的衣服提供增亮剂。

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  • A concentrated fabric detergent with pH-balanced ingredients helps to protect fabric fibers.
  • Polyacrylate helps to prevent dirt from returning to fabric fibers giving only clean and colorful clothes.
  • Brightening Agent helps to brighten your clothes.
  • Dry Transfer Inhibitor helps to inhibit particles of color and fabric fibers.
  • It’s biodegradable.




Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
It’s a palm extract helping to reduce Anionic Surfactant with good efficiency in cleaning while being biodegradable.


Linear Alky Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Salt
It helps to eliminate dirt, sweat, and oiliness efficiently.


Methyl Esters Sulphonated
It is extracted from the palm which helps to reduce Anionic Surfactant to makes being efficient in cleaning.


The extractions of coconut and corn help to reduce nonionic surfactants with water-solubility properties and gentleness. Therefore, it is suitable to use for washing milk bottles and dish cleaners. It is free from contamination and gentle for the skin, so your hands won’t be dry after using this product.


Acrylate Polymer
Dry Transfer Inhibitor helps to inhibit particles of color to hold fabric fibers while helping to protect fabric color.


Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate
Brightening Agent helps to brighten fabric and maintain the colors of fabric.


For hand wash, mix 1-2 lids in water for 15-20 clothes.
For the washing machine, mix 3-4 lids for each washing.

To facilitate washing and improve efficiency, it is recommended to soak the clothes for 15 minutes.

  • 具有pH平衡成分的浓缩织物清洁产品有助于保护衣物纤维;
  • 聚丙烯酸酯有助于防止污垢重新进入衣物纤维,从而有助于洁净色彩鲜艳的衣服
  • 增白剂有助于使衣服变白;
  • “干转移” 抑制剂有助于抑制在洗衣时衣服染色的问题。
  • 属于生物降解的清洁剂。
Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate
Linear Alky Benzene Sulfonate, Sodium Salt
Methyl Esters Sulphonated
它是一种棕榈提取物,有助于减少阴离子 ( Anionic Surfactant )表面活性剂的含量,并具有清洁和可生物降解的功效。
Acrylate Polymer
“干转移抑制剂” 有助于抑制颜色颗粒以固持织物纤维,同时有助于保护衣物的颜色及维持彩色。
Disodium Distyrylbiphenyl Disulfonate
手洗:使用 1-2 盖与 15-20 件衣服混合在水中。
洗衣机:将 3-4 盖倒入洗衣机的洗涤盒中。
为了便于洗涤和提高效率,建议先将衣服浸泡 15 分钟。

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